SwiftHound Bows specializes in finely-crafted, elegant medieval crossbows, from the 14th to 16th centuries, with an eye for medieval enthusiasts and collectors.

We have crafted bows for target competition, hunters, reenactors, movies, and television, as well as youth bows, and custom orders with engraved lockplates, or carved bone insets.

We build bows anywhere from 50 to 200 lb. draw: that’s 250 to 1800 inch-pounds of power (Inch-pounds equal draw length x draw-weight, thus 100 lb. x 8 inches = 800 inch/pounds.

For recreational shooting or combat-games, such as those played by Society for Creative Anachronism and some LARP clubs, we recommend a bow of @ 70 lb. at 7.5 inches of draw for approximately 525 inch-pounds.

Custom orders are welcome, and invited. Contact Us with any questions. 


Target-shooting up to 50 yards: 125# steel prod.

Hunting deer, javelina, or the like: At least 150# steel prod for 1200 inch per pound impact.

Bows over 100# draw weight: The lock socket will need to be reinforced with bone, (otherwise, the lock socket’s wood will compress, and the nut will wallow in the socket) and the steel prod will cost a bit more.


Bows over 150# draw weight will be harder to draw than lighter bows and tend to break more bolts. They shoot faster and flatter, they’re more accurate, however, they are not as much fun to play with as the lighter bows. Should you have a shooting mishap in your backyard and hit your neighbor, the consequences will be dire. Any bow and arrow is potentially dangerous if used unsafely, but strong bows are deadly. So don’t buy a strong, hunting-weight bow if you aren’t planning to hunt. And remember, it’s always possible to refit your bow with a stronger or lighter prod. Be reasonable and be safe.