Handcrafted Medieval and Renaissance style crossbows. 
Each bow is unique, built to custom specifications and as authentic as possible. 

Build a Crossbow

View crossbow styles and build a custom crossbow that fits your needs and desires.


Each bow is a functional piece of art, unique and as true to the original models as possible. We make our bows for collectors, target practice, reenactors, living history groups, hunters, museums, and movies.

why swifthound?

SwiftHound refers to my love for Italian Greyhounds and the sometimes supersonic speed in which they travel so seemingly effortless. I rescue Italian Greyhounds, they  are my constant companions.

crossbow porn

Photo collections of crossbows in progress and other images that inspire and demonstrate my passion for all things wood.

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    Creating medieval crossbows is a process of never-ending research, study, and skill development. 
    To bring forth a creation that is both beautiful and functional is incredibly rewarding and satisfying.