Padre Island Bow


Unless otherwise requested with available upgrades the Padre Island Bow comes with: Steel trigger, nose ring, steel cord bound prod, morticed and re-enforced horn lock and nut, linseed oil finish, steel lockplates

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In the shop we refer to these slender Spanish bows as “padres.” The small versions were light sporting or cavalry bows. Many of them saw use in the conquest of the New World, from 1492 on. They generally run from 28 to 32 inches in length. Our pattern is taken from the remains of a bow found in a 1554 war galleon wreck on Padre Island, in south Texas. This is a very authentic bow. The Albuquerque Museum (New Mexico) has a good example of the larger medium-weight military bow in the same style. It is perhaps thirty-four inches long.

You can view one of my Padre Island bow’s at the Museum of Florida History. The bow is part of the Forever Changed La Florida 1513-1821 exhibit.

STANDARD FEATURES: Steel trigger, steel nose ring, hemp cord bound-in aluminum prod with rawhide cover, mortised and re-enforced horn lock and horn nut, steel lockplates, tung oil finish

STANDARD CHOICES: Walnut, cherry or oak wood for main body.

AVAILABLE OPTION UPGRADES: Basic sight, Renaissance sight, bow irons, bone overlay, inlet bone bolt groove, goats foot cocking lever

INCLUDES: Extra bow string, 4 standard target bolts/arrows

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Main Body Wood

Cherry, Oak, Walnut


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