Western Bow


Unless otherwise requested with available upgrades the Western Bow comes with: Steel trigger, steel stirrup, cord bound & leather covered aluminum prod, delrin nut, linseed oil finish, inlet blued-steel lockplates

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This stock is pretty well documented. There are numerous 15th and 16th century paintings that feature this bow, particularly Italian and Spanish. Of particular note is a St. Sebastian Martyrdom by Antonio Pollajuolo, dated 1475, with two 2C’s and a Tintoretto of the capture of Constantinople by crusaders, with a large 2C spanned with a windlass. This bow is also similar to an illustration in the Manessa Codex, early 4th century, showing mounted German warriors on a cattle raid. We usually make them about twenty-eight to thirty inches length.

STANDARD FEATURES: Steel trigger, steel stirrup, cord bound prod, hemp cord bound-in aluminum prod with rawhide cover, delrin nut, inlet blued-steel lockplates, tung oil finish

STANDARD CHOICES: Walnut, cherry or oak wood for main body, black, red, blue, brown or green for rawhide prod covers

AVAILABLE OPTION UPGRADES: Basic sight, Renaissance sight, bow irons, brass lockplates, horn lockplates, bone overlay, micarta bolt groove, bone bolt groove, cheekpiece, horn release, steel prod, laminated wood prod, wood overlay

**I do have exotic woods available for decorative inlets from time to time. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.**

INCLUDES: Prod String (plus extra string), 4 standard target bolts/arrows with white fletching

Additional information

Main Body Wood

Cherry, Oak, Walnut

Rawhide Prod Cover

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red


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