The Finnish Bow includes: Prod String (plus extra string), 4 standard target bolts/arrows with white fletching

Unless otherwise requested with available upgrades the Finnish Bow comes with: Steel trigger, steel stirrup, rawhide covered aluminum prod (draw weight 65-75 lbs.), cord bound prod, delrin nut, linseed oil finish, inlet rawhide lockplates

2. Select your standard choices.

Main Body Wood:

Rawhide Lockplates
Rawhide Prod Cover







3. Choose available upgrades.
  Basic Sight +$30
Renaissance Sight +$85
Horn Release/Nut +$95
Horn Lockplates +$125
Inlet Bone Bolt Groove +$50
Inlet Bone Top +$200
Bone Overlay +$185
Wood Overlay +$35
Laminated Wood Prod +$185
Steel Prod +80
Tung Oil Finish +30
Bone Decorative Sideplates (Call for price)


4. Order accessories.


  Fletching Color
  Fletching Color
  Fletching Color
Bolts/Arrows- Hunting
  Fletching Color
Qiuiver Main Body Color
  Trim Color


5. Enter your contact information.
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